Collaborate with Mama’s Sauce, DKNG, & ADOBE

Collaborate with Mama’s Sauce, DKNG, & ADOBE

DKNG will be creating a limited edition poster that we will screenprint live at Adobe MAX. We want you to collaborate on the poster and contribute assets using Adobe Shape CC. DKNG will be using some of the contributed assets in a final poster design with the theme of "What inspires you to create?"

It is an easy process: all you need to do is download Adobe Shape CC and capture a shape around one of the following themes:

Living Things (e.g. your dog, an inspirational teacher, your house plant that keeps you company)
Food (i.e. what meal or snack gets your creative juices flowing?)
Leisure Time (i.e. where do you look for inspiration when you're not at your desk; cycling, going to the movies, etc.)

Bear in mind that your submission will be used at a small scale, so simple, iconic artwork will reproduce best! Dan and Nathan of DKNG will riff off of your submissions to create a three-color screenprinted poster. We will print a limited edition of 3,500 of these posters — only available at Adobe MAX on October 5th, and for the first 100 people who submit a shape. In fact, we'll be live printing one of the colors onsite at MAX, so if you're attending, you can print your own copy on the spot!

In order to participate*, here's what you need to do:
1) Download Adobe Shape CC on iTunes or Google Play
2) Capture an object that matches one of the themes listed above using Adobe Shape. You can submit as many shapes as you like.
3) Give your shape a name and save it.
4) From within the app, email your shape to by September 15th, 2015.
5) We will email you a consent and release form via EchoSign. You'll need to digitally sign the form to confirm your participation.
* Anyone over the age of 18 can participate. You're allowed up to one submission per day. The submission may or may not be used in whole or in part by the designer for the creation of this limited edition poster for Adobe MAX 2015. All participants must sign a release form in order to be included in the design. Posters will only be given out to the first 3,500 people to visit the Mama's Sauce booth in the Community Pavilion at Adobe MAX 2015.

We're looking forward to seeing the shapes you create! Check here for updates on the project.