Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’

Today we went treasure hunting—no, fishing—no, wait. I'm not sure how to describe searching through Winter Park Fish Co. to find inspiration for our latest branding gig, but I'm sure you can see from the pictures that this place is chock full o' character.

Winter Park Fish Co. has been a work in progress for some months. And what started as a great big blank slate quickly turned into an astonishing assortment of seafarers delight. Although we've been privy to the entire process thus far, the building and design has been in other capable hands our good friend Blair Sligar over at Hog Eat Hog. It is only now that we have officially begun the task of tying everything together with a cohesive brand. Nautical antique, wharf, Amityville… This great little seafood restaurant can go a million ways. Stay tuned to see how the hitting of this baby with a little bit of mama's secret sauce turns out.

Check out some of the sweet randomness floating around this soon to be staple in Orlando's dining scene… Doors are expected to open in December. Finally we can draw from our old bay experience.

Winter Park Fish Co.

Credit where credit is due: sign built by Hog Eat Hog Orlando, FL using local wood dredged from the St. Johns River after aging for a good 150 years.