1-on-1 Poster Design and Print with Draplin and Mama's Sauce

1-on-1 Poster Design and Print with Draplin and Mama's Sauce

Poster Design and Print 1-on-1 Not 101, 1-on-1. We are inviting only 12 people  to a night with Draplin and Mama. We’ll choose a poster theme and then you’ll learn how to concept and idea and design a poster. Tips and tricks from Draplin will include:

01. Poster Design:

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

Each attendee will design an element for the poster, and then see how Draplin builds those elements out into one poster design. 

Ideation for Poster Creation:

Attendees will participate in ideation w/ Draplin and then sketch their elements. We'll then race to get them ready vectorized and and ready to be assembled into a one-of-a-kind 2-color screen printed poster.

Tips, Tricks, Techniques:

And along the way, Draplin will show tips, tricks, techniques, tales, threats of how he works to make the things he makes.

- - - -

File Prep:

8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Getting the file ready for hand off to Mama's sauce...

-Separating colors

- Draplin puts things onto their own layers,  to make sure we're separating them out properly, and, connecting PMS colors to each piece - getting them print ready.  - Then he will show you how to test that you've got it all colored up properly as well as: - Converting fonts to outlines - Cleaning up stuff around the art board = "Clean files equal less problems!" - How to build a nice email to explain what you are ordering, and, what you are handing off.

- - - -

Printing the poster:

9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

-Outputting films

-Apply crop marks and aligning the two colors for proper pre-registration -Printing out film positives

-Burning screens

-How to assure you burn two different screens in a way where registering them later will be as seemless as possible

-Mixing inks

-Matching to Pantones -How to communicate with clients (client Draplin) to assure colors are correct from across the big ol' US of A

-Screen printing a poster

-Up close and personal with printing a 2-color poster -Setting up for sucess -Loading for proper registration -Proper paper handling -Registering a 2nd color

Each finished postered will be editioned and signed.

And there you go. You will have one of the most limited Draplin or Mama posters ever, and you helped make it. Every attendee also gets a DDC/Mama Sauce Super Kit of fun swag.

- - -

Snack and Beverages Provided (bubbly waters and light snacks)