Print Matters San Fransisco Adobe

Print Matters San Fransisco Adobe

If letterpress, screen print and fine paper are your jam, then you'll want to join us for the next installment of Adobe's Working Late series, Print Matters! With Mama's Sauce Gourmet Print Shop and French Paper. Featuring Austin Petito of Tight Slice and the National Poster Retrospecticus.

Browse the gallery display from the National Poster Retrospecticus, in town especially for this event. Get hands on with the Mama's Sauce portable letterpress! You'll also enjoy bites from Curry up Now along with a selection of beer and wine at this design focused speaking event comprised of tales from Brian French, 6th Generation French Paper Company and Nick Sambrato, Mama's Sauce Founder.

Mama's Sauce and French Paper combine 150 years of producing paper and printing in an ever modernizing world. Both companies go beyond manufacturers, each has become a part of the design community. The strength that their traditional mediums bring when incorporated in your communication serves as a challenge to those architecting designed experiences – we have a choice as we move forward, a choice to build things with integrity, that are well made, that will pass their own "touch test" like good paper & print. Designers are building the story that will be their respective medium's legacy.

25 people chosen at random at this event will receive a free 2-color event screen print by local designer Austin Petito! Don't miss this one!


Got a curious mind? In San Francisco this summer? Take an evening to check out Adobe's Working Late series, which focuses on unique stories around the practice and process of designers who craft our daily experiences. Our goal with each event is to take a moment to step back from the rigor of daily work and look at what we are doing from a new creative angle. What are the threads that connect our professional work to our personal interests? How can we use that overlap to make our work stronger?